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Build netwerk/cookie in unified mode


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Anyone else need to review this?
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I think this code change will be brittle because the unified network/cookie .cpp file will have two global variables called `gCookieService`: CookieChildService.cpp declares a CookieServiceChild* called gCookieService in the mozilla::net namespace and nsCookieService.cpp declares a nsCookieService* called gCookieService in the global namespace. nsCookieService.cpp also pulls the first gCookieService variable into the global namespace with `using namespace mozilla::net`.
I had a WIP patch for netwerk/cookie and, to avoid the gCookieService name conflicts, I renamed CookieServiceChild.cpp's gCookieService to sCookieServiceChild and made sCookieServiceChild a private static member of class CookieServiceChild.

I also consolidated the duplicated behavior and pref constants into a shared definition in CookieServiceChild.h.
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I agree with what Chris said.  :-)
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Michael, are you planning to update your patch here?  Thanks!
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Yeah, might be a day or two though. :(
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(In reply to comment #10)
> Yeah, might be a day or two though. :(

No rush, just wanted to check wit you to see if I need to pick this up!  Thanks :-)
I guess you should take this. The linker is not being friendly to me right now...
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This patch was much simpler than I expected: nsCookieService.cpp can't be unified because it #defines FORCE_PR_LOG and, conveniently, all the symbol name conflicts were between nsCookieService.cpp and CookieChildService.cpp. No code changes are necessary.
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Yeah, that's what I suspected.
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