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Support location=yes|no|0|1 as an argument to


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In bug 938288 I suggested specifying location=yes as an argument to in order to opt-in to showing the system browser location bar (Rocketbar) when opening a new window.

This is an existing web standard documented here

I suggest we make location=no by default in 1.3 and location=yes by default in 1.4 in order to turn on the Rocketbar system-wide.

I'd also like to support toolbar=yes|no|0|1 to control the display of the bottom toolbar in system browser chrome (currently the wrapper UI) which may or may not be implemented at the same time.

Perhaps if "location=yes,toolbar=yes" we create a BrowserWindow which has top and bottom bars injected into the window as ChromeUI?
I'm doing some work on this as part of bug 941175
Assignee: nobody → bfrancis
Blocks: 941175
Component: Gaia::System::Window Mgmt → Gaia::System::Browser
Component: Gaia::System::Browser → Gaia::System::Window Mgmt
We only really needed this to start to land the Rocketbar in 1.3, off by default. Now that isn't happening and in 1.4 it will be on all the time so this is probably no longer necesssary.
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