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Incorrect preferred width of script l in <mi>


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Follow-up of bug 415413.

In the attach testcases, no linebreak should occur inside the table cells. With the patch of bug 415413, all but the first case are fixed. It seems that it has something to do with the fact that we are using an <mi> with a letter that is already italic. I'm curious to see the result after James' patch for bug 114365.
Attached image italic-l.png (obsolete) —
Here is how it renders on Linux.
(... after application of the patch from bug 415413)
Depends on: mathml-in-mathjax
No longer depends on: mathml-in-mathjax
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Jacques' testcase (attachment 301094 [details]) looks much better with the mathvariant patches on Linux.
For the testcase, the last one still fails. I suspect there is something wrong in the italic correction or the width measurement ; where the italic l is used instead of the transformed script l.
Attached file testcase
There were invalid "font-family: italic" in the initial testcase. I fixed that and also force the use of STIX fonts so that we get consistent rendering.
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So attachment 301094 [details] and the testcase of this bug renders correctly for me on Windows and Linux with my latest try build.

@Jacques: can you try the Mac try build?
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Better ...
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(In reply to distler from comment #8)
> Created attachment 8338999 [details]
> Testcase in Frederic's try build
> Better ...

OK, I think the remaining failure is bug 941611, which seems platform dependent.

I'm guessing attachment 301094 [details] now works for you? BTW, I think the try build will also fix your bug 518592...
Attached patch Patch (tests) (obsolete) — Splinter Review
So this is fixed per the patch of bug 114365.
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Attached patch Patch (tests) - V2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
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Patch (tests) - V2

>+fails-if((OSX&&(OSX!=10.8))||/^Windows\x20NT\x206\.[12]/.test(http.oscpu)||Android) == table-width-4.html table-width-4-ref.html

I'm not sure it makes sense to add this test yet, given the number of
platforms on which it fails, but perhaps someone will notice a failure on
Linux that can be reproduced, making this easier to fix.

Can (OSX<10.8) be used instead of (OSX!=10.8)?  There will be 10.9 tests soon, and 10.9 is more likely to be similar to 10.8 than older versions.
(I don't know whether OSX is an integer or string.)
Attachment #8341917 - Flags: review?(karlt) → review+
Similarly, unless this already passes on windows 8.1, the corresponding check should try to include future versions.  Something like /^Windows\x20NT\x206\.[^0]/
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