Remove all SharedContext/GlobalContext stuff from GLContext




5 years ago
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The last place where we're using share groups is GLX, and we plan to drop share groups even there --- in any case, we don't plan to use share groups anywhere else.

It should be possible to keep this internal to the GLX-specific code --- basically, just create all GLContext's in the same share group on GLX if we have GL layers, or never use share groups if we have non-GL layers.

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5 years ago
Unfortunately, share groups are here to stay a little bit longer on WGL too: bug 929511.

But we should be able to still rid GLContext of references to share groups by keeping it local to the GLX _and_ WGL code.
The code in GLContext.h for this is small, and it's mostly useful for debugging and assertions (e.g. to assert that two contexts are in the same share group).  There isn't much reason to remove this, since it would just be a no-op on other platforms...

Comment 3

5 years ago
It's small in terms of number of lines of code, but it's a big 'concept'. It's a significant addition to how much one needs to fit in one's head to understand what might be touching the same data.

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5 years ago
Hm, I think I've changed my mind. Having two different context providers still relying on it probably means that it could stay around for some time, and it's actually a reasonable thing to have handled at GLContext level (since it's purely a OpenGL context notion). wontfixing for now.
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