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Fix ANGLE compilation on mingw.


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The last update of ANGLE broke mingw build. I fixed it upstream:
The fix also contains fix from angle-build-case-sensitive.patch in our tree, so I removed it. I didn't create a new .patch file, because it won't be needed when updating to recent version. Let me know if you want that in tree anyways.
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Attached patch partSplinter Review part. Other than using SSE2 for ImageSSE2.cpp, this avoids overrding OS_COMPILE_CFLAGS and OS_COMPILE_CXXFLAGS. The problem is that those contain arguments for generating .pp files, which are needed for mingw compilation. I don't see any harm in having MOZILLA_CLIENT defined here.
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Review of attachment 8341153 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: gfx/angle/src/libEGL/
@@ +13,5 @@
>  # mozilla-config.h and -DMOZILLA_CLIENT automatically included and defined, so
>  # we just overwrite OS_COMPILE_C(XX)FLAGS.
> +endif

Just remove those four lines.
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OK, pushed with those removed. Thanks for review.
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Review of attachment 8341124 [details] [diff] [review]:

We do need a record of this change in the tree, in case we don't upgrade all the way to tip.

::: gfx/angle/angle-build-case-sensitive.patch
@@ -1,5 @@
> -From: Jeff Gilbert <>
> -* * *
> -Bug 840577 - Fix ANGLE cross compilation on case sensitive OSes, relanded
> -
> -diff --git a/gfx/angle/src/libGLESv2/precompiled.h b/gfx/angle/src/libGLESv2/precompiled.h

This is a non-sensical change. You can see this patch applied if you check 'precompiled.h'.
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This version adds a patch file to the tree.
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