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[B2G][Settings][NFC] Fix HasNfcSupport in MozNfc.webidl


(Firefox OS Graveyard :: NFC, defect)

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(blocking-b2g:1.3+, firefox27 wontfix, firefox28 fixed, firefox29 fixed, b2g-v1.3 fixed, b2g-v1.3T fixed)

blocking-b2g 1.3+
Tracking Status
firefox27 --- wontfix
firefox28 --- fixed
firefox29 --- fixed
b2g-v1.3 --- fixed
b2g-v1.3T --- fixed


(Reporter: dgarnerlee, Assigned: dgarnerlee)




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In Bug 939056, there's a small webidl fix to Settings UI, NFC that also completely hides the NFC setting from the UI.

This bug just fixes that MozNfc.webidl, by adding HasNfcSupport to the definition.

The only way to get it to show on Nexus 4 (or other targeted phones), is to add the "nfc-read" permission to the settings' manifest.webapp file.
Blocks: 939056
Attachment #8342082 - Flags: review?(khuey)
Ken, since we don't have an approved solution in place in 939056, I made this bug. If we land it all at once soon, please close this bug.
Flags: needinfo?(kchang)
Assignee: nobody → dgarnerlee
Comment on attachment 8342542 [details] [review]
Settings UI permission fix if HasNfcSupport is added to MozNfc.webidl

looks good to me on explicitly requesting NFC permission in manifest file.
Please rebase your patch for merge. Thanks!
Attachment #8342542 - Flags: review?(ehung) → review+
Attachment #8342082 - Attachment description: 0001-Fix-HasNfcSupport-in-MozNfc.webidl.patch → 0001-Fix-HasNfcSupport-in-MozNfc.webidl.patch r=khuey
Fix mochitest-8 test_interfaces.html MozNfc global scope declaration. HasNfcSupport determines whether MozNfc appears.
Attachment #8344068 - Flags: review?(khuey)
See mochitest-8 testcase fix in this try run:
Gecko side webidl: check-in needed.

Gaia: Travis-CI tests: keyboard test bugged, but Settings UI change is unlikely to be related:
Flags: needinfo?(ehung)
Travis-ci, new results (running):
I can't merge it since Gaia tree closed again. keep the ni flag to remind me later.
travis failed even I re-tried it twice. Someone told me rebase PR will help. Can you do it?
Flags: needinfo?(ehung) → needinfo?(dgarnerlee)
I just pushed to github from the lastest Gaia:, base: 6865061768d4c78f391dee4ff04d825f8d829843
Flags: needinfo?(dgarnerlee)
Rebased and pushed yet again, and it actually passed!
Flags: needinfo?(ehung)
(In reply to Garner Lee from comment #12)
> Rebased and pushed yet again, and it actually passed!

Gaia: merged into master
Flags: needinfo?(ehung)
Keywords: checkin-needed
Hi Ken, considering the other bug just opened, this is more of a bug fix than a change to the DOM. sr still needed?
Blocks: b2g-nfc
Component: Gaia::Settings → NFC
No more information is need.
Flags: needinfo?(kchang)
Hi, Joe, Tarako depends on bug 939056 which is blocked by this bug. So I think this buy also should block 1.3+ as bug 939056.
Flags: needinfo?(jcheng)
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.3+
Flags: needinfo?(jcheng)
Whiteboard: [tarako]
status-b2g-v1.3T: fixed in tarako branch, remove [tarako] in whiteboard
Whiteboard: [tarako]
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