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icons: secure servers when they have new mail, no special icon


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secure servers when they have new mail, no special icon

this is a request for icons.  we've got special icons for mail servers when they
have new mail, by not for secure mail servers.

I'll go check if it is modern and classic, or just modern.

I'll need to fix the .css, too.
Whiteboard: [folderpane]
QA Contact: esther → huang
Mozilla 1.1beta Build (2002072104) Windows 98 (Modern Theme)

The need for a "new message" green arrow on the secure server icon becomes more
important when you have multiple email accounts.  

If you have all your mail accounts minimized looking at the list of accounts
will not show you, which contain new mail.  You are forced to expand each
account to see if the folders inside have a green new message arrow.  With 1 or
2 secure mail accounts this is a mild annoyance, but if you have 5 or 6 accounts
it would be daunting.


I put together a 16x16 icon that, while it lacks flare is functional.  It has
the Green Arrow and the Yellow Padlock together in one icon.  I combined
existing mail icons so it shouldn't look too out of place.

I am attaching two files.  
First - A 16 x 16 PNG file without transparency set. - sswga_icon.png
Second - A 16 x 16 ICO file with transparency. - sswga_icon.ico

I don't know how or where these icons are implemented in Mozilla.  Hopefully
these attachments are helpful to someone who does.
here's my attempt to get that little green sucker in there
Not surprisingly this issue is across all platforms - verified under 1.5 Solaris
Sparc and 1.5 Linux Intel
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7a) Gecko/20040111

The MailNews status bar doesn't have a SSL padlock icon at all (i.e. like the
yellow padlock "Displays security information about the current page" icon in
the browser pane).  Therefore you can't tell if you're using IMAP vs IMAPS or
POP3 vs POP3S.  The same is true for NNTP vs NNTPS.
The Yellow pad lock in not on the status bar, but rather in the email folder
pane (On the left side of the screen in three pane mode).  If you set up a pop
email account and activate SSL in the server settings the envelope that is used
to designate an email account has a yellow pad lock on the lower right side. 
The yellow pad lock is not visible on POP accounts that are not using SSL.

On a regular pop account when you get new messages a green arrow is superimposed
over part of the envelope to indicate that you have new mail.

On the SSL POP accounts (The envelope with the yellow pad lock) does not give
any indication that you have new messages.
Understood, but the tiny yellow padlock icon on the mail server name in the left
pane only shows the configuration preferences for that server (i.e. the "Use
SSL" checkbox is checked) and not the actual presence of an working IMAPS (or
POP3S) SSL connection.  Also, you can't obtain details of the SSL certificate in
use, etc.
*** Bug 146054 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
The dupe also has an icon attached, which does look better IMHO. See attachment
125182 [details].
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All
To fix this bug, someone needs to paint an icon for the Classic theme and then
put the missing CSS directives into


I could do a patch for the latter if someone paints the missing icon.
Keywords: icon
Here is an icon for the Classic theme that has the pad lock and the green
arrow.	I am attaching the file in two formats PNG and GIF (Both are 16x16 and
have transparncy for the background).  Let me know if you need it in another

I like the look of the Modern Icon attached to bug 125182 referenced above.
Thanks for the icon, Ed! :-) I'm going to upload the patch in a minute.
Assignee: sspitzer → Stefan.Borggraefe
Keywords: icon
Moving over Sven's nice icon from bug 146054 so everything is in one central
Attached patch PatchSplinter Review
And patch I promised. :-)
Attachment #141250 - Flags: review?(
Attachment #141301 - Flags: review?(
Attachment #141302 - Flags: review?(
We've got server-news, server-news-new, server-news-lock but no
server-news-lock-new yet... We've got server-mail, server-mail-new, and
server-remote-lock. Why don't we call it mail-lock? Sigh.
Anyway, what I (for review purposes) would like to see, is a 4x4 grid:
        mail    newmail newnews news
Unless you can think of an easier way for me to compare them?
Feel free to adjust the existing new/secure icons to harmonize more neatly.
(In reply to comment #17)
> We've got server-news, server-news-new, server-news-lock but no

I didn't realize these icons exist because I never saw a green arrow in the
folderpane when using news-servers with Mozilla. As it turns out these icons are
currently unused indeed (verified via lxr).

So what should be the goal here? I think there are two alternatives:

1. Add the green arrows for news servers like they are used for mailservers
currently (including icons for the individual newsgroups and for snews). In this
case someone has to paint two additional icons for secure news-servers having
detected new posts (modern and classic).

2. Just have the green arrows for mail-servers and remove the server-news-new
and folder-newsgroup-new icons from and CVS.

When we chose the first alternative and noone contributes icons for
server-news-lock-new I would like to separate the news-issue to another bug so
this bug can be fixed and at least mail servers appear consistent after this. I
will upload a 4x4 matrix in this case for reviewing (with two missing icons in
it if noone contributes theses...). Another question here is whether the RDF
source includes correct information about the biff-state for news.

When we chose the second alternative I could create a patch to remove the
server-news-new and folder-newsgroup-new icons. In this case a 2x4 matrix would
be enough.

Personally I prefer the first alternative but don't want this bug to be blocked
by another two missing icons. Sorry, I'm not good with painting software... :-(

What do you think, Neil?
Let's forget the news icons if they're not being used.

I've tried to compare the new icons with the existing icons and I don't think
they match well enough.

The patch looks ok though.
Seems like a lot of work for such a subtle aesthetic feature.  I still would
prefer to have the "Display Security Information" padlock icon in the lower
right corner of the status bar to match the normal browser pane (and to bring
back the functionality of Netscape 4.x and below).

I'm more interested in knowing that my connection is secured by a trusted
certificate, and being able to view the active certificate, not just that a
particular mail server has been configured with a preference towards SSL as the
current tiny padlock icon in the folder list does now.

What needs to be done to the green arrow icons to get your ok?  The classic icon
is the locked icon with an exact copy of the arrow from the “unlocked” green
arrow icon.  Let me know what the icon needs and I will do it.
Comment on attachment 141250 [details]
Classic Secure Server with Green Arrow (GIF w/Tranparancy)

Two problems:
1. Wrong transparency.
2. The arrow you copied from was missing its leftmost pixel. Copy a different
Attachment #141250 - Flags: review?( → review-
Comment on attachment 141301 [details]
Modern Secure Server with Green Arrow (GIF w/Tranparancy)

This one's good except for the loop of the lock which isn't as clear as it is
on the other images. Ten black pixels should fix it.
Attachment #141301 - Flags: review?( → review-
I have updated the Classic Secure with Green Arrow message icon.  I believe the
transparancy is now correct and I updated left pixel.
Attachment #141250 - Attachment is obsolete: true
The lock loop is fixed.  If you need any other changes or if my transparancy is
still off let me know.
Comment on attachment 141540 [details]
Classic Secure Server with Green Arrow (GIF w/Alpha Transparancy)

It'll do ;-)
Attachment #141540 - Flags: review+
Comment on attachment 141541 [details]
Modern Secure Server with Green Arrow (GIF w/Alpha Transparancy)

It'll do ;-)
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Checked in by Neil. Marking FIXED. :-)
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