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*** Original post on bio 720 at 2011-03-03 18:04:00 UTC ***

A variety of "services" exist on IRC networks including ChanServ, OperServ, NickServ, etc. [1]

Tp be a bit more userfriendly it could be good to support these by bringing some of their functionality into the UI. Although some of them would require other functionality to be added to the UI. I'll list some ideas below

Some basic ones we should include:
HelpServ - I've never seen this one, but perhaps the output could be parsed? I'm not sure
HostServ - Could be as simple as adding a vhost to the advanced options
MemoServ (also MsgServ and NoteServ) - hook in with the idea behind bug 954042 (bio 606), so it would just be a list of messages instead of typed out commands.
NickServ - see bug 953609 (bio 162) and bug 954154 (bio 719)

Ones that UI could be relegated to an extension:
ChanServ and BotServ - Relatively useful context menus, etc. could be added for channel operators and maybe a dialog popup to configure options for the current channel.
OperServ (also AdminServ, OpServ or RootServ) - Maybe give some UI for the lines, but I don't see what IRC Op would use this
RootServ and Global- Highly doubt this is necessary to give an UI to
StatServ - Just add a UI and ping it every so often and update the UI with nice graphs, etc.

There's also the "IRC+ Initiative" [2] to formalize use of these services, but I don't know if any clients/servers support it.

[1] General info:
Detailed explanation of common interface (Anope --
There's another flavor also run on DALnet it seems?

[2], doesn't work so use wayback:


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*** Original post on bio 720 at 2011-03-03 18:26:46 UTC ***

(In reply to comment #0)
> [2], doesn't work so use
> wayback:

The above is for "identity" (NickServ)

Also for subscriptions/metadata and for "conference control" (ChanServ)

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*** Original post on bio 720 at 2012-02-27 15:37:57 UTC ***

Moving IRC bugs to new IRC component.
Component: General → IRC


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I'm going to close this. We handle the most important service right now (NickServ). It's unclear how we would handle any of the other services in the UI.
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