Updating count weirdness with news.netscape.com server.



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Mac OS 9.1 - 2001-08-13-08
RedHat 7.1 - 2001-08-13-21
Windows 2K - 2001-08-13-03


I have 2 news servers, "news.netscape.com" and "news.mozilla.org".  Both have 
large numbers of newsgroups, all from the netscape.public.mozilla* hierarchy.


1.  When I expand either server for the 1st time, both display status in human-
readable intervals (each "Checking xx of xx newsgroups for new messages" can be 

2.  The 2nd time I expand them, only the "news.mozilla.org" server is readable, 
that is; the "news.netscape.com" server's status updating is so fast (I can see 
that it's updating, just can't tell each #, like I can the 1st time I run this).

What I'm expecting:

If this should update after each newsgroup (as this bug is filed), then why is 
it *so* much faster the 2nd time, and *only* on "news.netscape.com"?  

I'll attach an NNTP log.
This was copied over from bug 52273.  See that log: 


Comment 2

15 years ago
I have similar problems:
a News server from my isp: news://news.noos.fr
and secnews://news.netscape.com

Expanding netscape works fine
When i expand news://news.noos.fr, it takes a very long time.
The status show Check newsgroup 2 of 6 ...
The unread messages count of the first newgroup is correct, 
the other ones are not updated. I have to select manually the newsgroup to see
the unread message count

First i have suspected my provider, but NS4 works fine...

Comment 3

15 years ago
I found my problem. There is a bug about that. A problem with empty newsgroups,
stopping the newsgroup reading
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WFM on Linux I think. All the servers update too fast on my connection to be able to be sure.
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9 years ago
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