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[META] Message count problems tracker bug for News.


(MailNews Core :: Networking: NNTP, defect)



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(Reporter: stephend, Unassigned)


(Depends on 7 open bugs, Blocks 1 open bug)


(Keywords: meta)

Message count problems tracker bug for News.
Bug 24592, "Number of msgs in News Server is NOT reflected properly in pop-up
Bug 34406, "Unread counts different between server and dialog."
Bug 41457, "Displayed number of new usenet messages is inconsistent."
Bug 59681, "Newsgroup incorrectly appears to have unread messages."
Bug 64476, "threads with unread returns false positives if you ever did "Get
Next n Messages."
Depends on: 24592, 34406, 41457, 59681, 64476
QA Contact: esther → stephend
It's more messed up than ever right now. Especially for NNTP.

This fools me to read some newsgroups, and to look frenetically after new
messages when there are no. :(
what happens is that after all messages are read, the message count of the
unread messages is equal to the total messages contained in the folder
mass accepting my bugs.
Bug 108650 - Unread counts toggle back and forth between twisty open and selection.
Bug 113414 - File | 'Get Next XXX News Messages' displays incorrect value.
Depends on: 117571
Summary: Message count problems tracker bug for News. → [META] Message count problems tracker bug for News.
This bug is almost similar to the one I reported as a comment at 108650.

The comment from Håkan Waara happends on my computer as well: It looks after new
messages when there is none.

One strange thing is that GTOP report more and more instances of mozilla as I
read news. If not reading news at all, it report five or six instances. after a
few of the "breaks" when mozilla just look for new messages without getting any,
GTOP reports more instances of Mozilla! The highest number I have gotten is 16
instances! - When leaving mozilla, only a few of them are closed, causing the
program to get REALLY slow and buggy when reading news the next time.
Depends on: 115202
Depends on: 142503
Depends on: 101503
Depends on: 147110
I think I have a little insight into this bug.  My symptom is that a newgroup
will default to some number (say 9).  If more messages actually come in, the
reported number of unread messages in the sidebar will be 9 plus the number of
new messages.  I was given a "fix" for the bug, which was deleting the file
specific to the newsgroup and restarting Moz.  It almost worked.  Now, the
newsgroup title is just bold normally.  When I select it, it now displays  a 1
in parenthesis, even though there are no new messages.
I think this is related to the icon indicating new messages in each thread. 
Also, it seems that it is directly related to the number of posts I've made on
that newsgroup.
Please, people, this is a _tracker_ bug, not a bug in and of itself that any
engineer can fix.  Add your comments in the bugs linked here.
Alias: messagecount
Depends on: 151621
Bug 190301: number of unread messages shows a short count
Depends on: 190301
I keep forgetting to add myself to the CC list!  So much for bug 133697!
Blocks: 176238
Bug 190301 duped to bug 147710, which is already listed but also fixed. 
Removing depends.
No longer depends on: 147110, 190301
Depends on: 155646
I'm no longer at Netscape/AOL, but I suspect these tracking bugs may be useful
for those still actively involved, as well as future development.

QA and assignee changes ->
Assignee: stephend → nobody
QA Contact: stephend → nobody
Depends on: 249087
Product: MailNews → Core
Depends on: 301103
Adding bug 290826 to the tracking list. 
Depends on: 290826
Should Bug 298737 be part of this META?
See also bug 294754 comment#3 for a workaround. It's ugly, but I suspect it can be useful for many of the bugs tracked here.
Depends on: 79130
Adding following bugs in "Depends on:" to track or DUP close. 
(contains "news&count", does'nt contain "account")
Bug 80485, Bug 92789, Bug 95486, Bug 184912, Bug 202341, Bug 208082, Bug 267356, Bug 365819

i don't know if anywhere in the linked bugs is a solution...i searched some, but found it not...
to solve this wrong message count you have to change a line in you news-definition file (profile\news\*.rc).
normally a line looks like this:
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc: 1-109221

the line with the wrong count has more parts like this:
alt.comp.lang.borland-delphi: 1-86854,86855,86860-86902

close TB and changing this to one part and start TB...this works for me but it's annoying to open the file someimes...

HTH Frank
In reply to comment #17
- This is the workaround described in more detail in bug 294754 comment #3 dated 2005-06-06
- You should make sure that you aren't unwittingly marking "real" unread messages as read
- On Linux, the filename is <profile>/News/newsrc-* where the part after the dash is the server hostname.
Depends on: 311774
adding Bug 295381 
Depends on: 295381
Depends on: 366514
Cleaning off dupes from the blocker list.
No longer depends on: 34406, 101503, 117571, 142503, 151621, 155646, 249087, 290826, 295381, 365819
No longer depends on: 24592
No longer depends on: 41457
No longer depends on: 202341
QA Contact: nobody →
No longer depends on: 366514
Depends on: 446228
Depends on: 448876
No longer depends on: 184912
Product: Core → MailNews Core
Depends on: 475705
No longer depends on: 475705
Is there an existing bug that allows TB to download all message headers as they arrive on the server? Currently I've got Thunderbird set to check for new messages every 1 minutes. But I actually want TB to download these messages so that my Search Folders get updated.

Would this behavior be added with the fix from this bug? Or would it be another bug all by itself?
No longer depends on: 208082
Severity: normal → S3
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