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Mouse input in buddy list is occasionally sent to the wrong place



Contacts window
5 years ago
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Windows 7



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5 years ago
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5 years ago
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*** Original post on bio 1932 as attmnt 2355 by kevin.gadd AT gmail.com at 2013-04-14 18:27:00 UTC ***

I've had this happen a few dozen times now, so I'm filing a bug about it. I'm still not sure exactly what is going on, but I'll try to describe it based on the attached screen capture of part of my contact list (I've tried to capture it in action with a desktop recorder, but it's hard to reproduce on demand)

Sometimes when I double-click on a contact, where the Instantbird window was previously inactive, the first click seemingly goes to the wrong place. This instantaneously changes the layout of the contact list, causing my double-click to open a conversation with the wrong person. I usually don't notice this until I've already sent a message intended for one person to another person.

So in this example screenshot, I double-clicked on 'Chris Anderson', and the first click expanded the entry for 'Brick', causing a second row to appear for one of his individual accounts. The second click then opened a conversation with him.

Attempting to reproduce it on demand shortly after almost never works, so I think maybe this has something to do with the contact list having been inactive for a long time, and old/invalid layout information being cached or something to send the mouse event to the wrong place? It's really strange.

This bug is so problematic that it makes me want to use another IM client (I've had privileged business information go to the wrong person at least once... oof)

If there's a way to turn on some sort of logging for mouse events, I'd love to enable that so I have a log of what happened the next time I hit this bug.
*** Original post on bio 1932 at 2013-04-14 18:31:42 UTC ***

It's a known issue, and not difficult to reproduce. We discussed a few possible fixes last week on IRC.
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Duplicate of bug: 955128
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