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Implement age verification screens for FxA Signup


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feature-b2g 2.0


(Reporter: spenrose, Assigned: ferjm)



(Whiteboard: [ucid:FxA48, 1.4:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts])


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Per UX specs, when a user enters the signin/signup flow and is sent down the signUP branch (because the FxA server believes their email to represent a new account), they should be sent through Age Verification flow UNLESS the signin/signup flow was triggered via FTU.
bug 949609 is Bengali, I suspect you wanted to block another bug?
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(In reply to Axel Hecht [:Pike] from comment #1)
> bug 949609 is Bengali, I suspect you wanted to block another bug?

Yes, I transopsed a pair of digits ... apologies for the noise.
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Whiteboard: [ucid:FxA48, 1.4:p1, ft:FirefoxAccounts]
Sam, I imagine this should actually be filed under a bug for the system app? Settings really just launches the signup flow by opening the system app.
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Jared: sure. I confess the Product/Component rules remain opaque to me. Referring to "Settings" in the description b/c that's how Product/UX experience it, of course.
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removing from blocker list. COPPA is not committed for 1.4
whoops, the spreadsheet is a lie. reblocking
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I still need to add some tests for the new screen but I can use some feedback in the meantime.
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The PR contains tests now
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Tests coverage is great! This code is working as expected. Some comments to fix before the final review to this code. Let me know when ready! Gracias! :)
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Thanks Borja! I've just updated the PR.
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Please make any new file jshint friendly! Thanks.
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Thanks Alive. I've just update the PR.
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Thanks Alive!
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