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Currently when you book a room and it's marked unavailable, you can't see who owns the booking. This is frustrating for a number of reasons, mainly, if the room is empty but claims to be booked, you can't ask the booker if you can use it.

Please make this visible.
:limed, are we able to divulge who booked a room without showing the subject / description of the event?
Sometimes it would be nice to know the subjects too (e.g., walking up to a meeting room after the meeting starts and checking to see if it's the right meeting before barging in), but I understand why some people would like to keep them private.  There's gotta be a way to have both.

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seriously now.


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This is an End-User services request.

From old old memory, there should be a way to display who booked a room but it was disabled for "security" reasons but I could be mistaken.

Rob, are you referring to when booking a room via Zimbra OR when using the ipad in front of said conference rooms?

If referring to Zimbra, this needs to go back to
Product: Infrastructure & Operations
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If referring to ipad (eventboard):
Component: Server Operations: Desktop Issues

If referring to both, then both teams need to hash it out.
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Hey All - showing the organizer actually is a feature that came out in EventBoard 2.0, which was released yesterday 2/5/14. We will be testing 2.0 in the SF office first, then rolling it out applicable offices after.

@Sid - subjects of meetings are not allowed due to security concerns presented.
Joel: What, specifically, are these security concerns?  Using "because security" to hide various things drives me nuts unless we can explain what the security concern actually is.

Thinking about solutions, can we show the subjects for meetings that don't have the string "[private]" in the subject or something?

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:sid - we tried using the [private] suggestion, which works with EventBoard just fine. The problem was people forgot to input the text into the body of the message, and confidential meeting titles were shown (sometimes w/ names) - this happened multiple times. Since, Service Desk has decided to block the meeting titles to avoid this situation. 

^ is what I meant by security concerns, but now thinking about it, its more privacy concerns. Meeting organizer will be shown in 2.0, from what I have been told from their developers.
So that's a bummer; since a few people weren't using it right, none of us get the benefits of more info on the rooms.  :(  Looking forward to at least being able to see the organizer's name.

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yeah, that's a start. Wouldn't hurt to see that info in Zimbra as well, but I'll take what I can get.

thanks for the explanations. I'm with Sid on "losing features because some users can't be bothered to figure stuff out" is lame.
(In reply to Joel Braddock :jbraddock from comment #8)
> Meeting organizer will be shown in 2.0, from what I have been told from their developers.

What's the ETA on that release (and our updating to use it)?

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4 years ago
:grobinson - 2.0 is already released, we are already deploying on the 7th floor in SFO as a test. Assuming we will test at least a month to report bugs, etc and then roll out to other offices. I will update this bug when we move forward with the rollout.

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4 years ago
:grobinson and :robcee- All EventBoard iPads have been updated to 2.0.2 and you will now see the meeting organizer when its booked through Zimbra. If the meeting is booked on the iPad, only the time slot will show time only.
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