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[LockScreen][EmergencyCall] Make EmergencyCall as an app


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Since we're implement SecureWindow to instead the embedded iframe, the emergency panel should be an standalone app, and follow the app creation/displaying/destroying logic to be managed.
Alias: emergencycall-as-app
Assignee: nobody → gweng
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* Move the original system/emergency-call from System to an individual app.
* Use SecureWindow mechanism to launch it in LockScreen.
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New patch to bubble-tea because of the 1.4 landing policy.
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Travis is green:

I'll fix some minor issues and waiting review again.
Tim, since this bug is on the original v1.4 plan and should be done before 2/28, can you give me some feedback? Thanks.
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(In reply to Greg Weng [:snowmantw][:gweng][:λ] from comment #4)
> Tim, since this bug is on the original v1.4 plan and should be done before
> 2/28, can you give me some feedback? Thanks.

I would worry this is to much of a change for bubble-tea, but I might be wrong. Let's discuss this offline.
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I'll land it after rebase and wait for the tests.
Gareth's six questions:

- Is this a good idea?
> Yes. Since we have SecureWindow in LockScreen, we can finally remove all embedded iframes and to make them launched as an real app. While the camera is already an app, we need to make the emergency call as an app, too.

- What problem does it solve (and for whom)?
> As above.

- Is it high priority?
> Yes. Because this blocks the LockScreen refactoring plan I mentioned in dev-gaia.

- Are there any risks involved in doing this?
> I've tested with Travis (still on going) and manually tried it on my ZTE Open. But maybe there would be some regressions.

- Who should I ask for input?
> Still don't know what the 'input' is...

- Who should at least know that this is happening?
> Tim Guan-tin Chien
Oh, sorry for the inverted format. I'll correct it at the next bug.
Attached file New Patch
Since it's only different at the branch I want to merge, I keep the original one to show the r+ flag.
And I must mention about the opening and closing animation: Rob had discussed this with me, that he felt the old animation (from the right to left) would be confused with the Haida's sheet animation. So we should change secure apps' animation as it perform now (fade in/out).

Hope it would be backed out.
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LOL would *NOT* be backed out.
lol, it's passed on the device CI Greg!
Thanks heaps for updating the tests :)
Great! And thanks for the information!
Depends on: 1030546
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