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Window sandbox no longer building when MOZ_CONTENT_SANDBOX is defined due to include order


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The Windows sandbox works with our code by including the chromium sandbox, and overriding some includes to first add/modify some functionality.  For this to work it includes a shim directory before the local include directory.

This used to work before we included the LOCAL_INCLUDES before the current directory, but no longer does.

This bug is to fix that build problem now that the current directory is included first.
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I'm reluctant do add global build system hacks for one specific use case.

Let's step back a little. Looking at security/sandbox/base/shim, there's only one file that overlaps with security/sandbox: base/strings/string_piece.h. None of the other files overlap. All of them, though, are included from some code in security/sandbox.. but the paths for histogram.h and sparse_histogram.h are wrong: they are in security/sandbox/base/shim/metrics, and they are #included as base/metrics/*, so there's no way those includes work. And, as a matter of fact, the two files that include those are not built.

Now, after writing all this, and considering writing more, i realize that there's a simple fix for this: move security/sandbox/base to security/sandbox/chromium/base. Then add shim and chromium in the right order in LOCAL_INCLUDES (and change the path to source files in While doing that, you might as well move security/sandbox/base/shim to security/sandbox/shim.
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One note is I had to put it in a directory called chromium/sandbox instead of just chromium because some includes specify sandbox/base
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