GeckoApp.onCreatePanelMenu is called during startup

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GeckoApp.onCreatePanelMenu is called from GeckoApp.initialize() for SDK >= 11 here:

GeckoApp.onCreatePanelMenu accounts for 8.2% (194ms) of startup on my Galaxy Nexus.

We moved the call to initialize() for some reason in bug 886528. Maybe we went too far.
Might be worth just testing this: stuff it last in the background thread initializers, and fast-init it when loading the menu.

Where's most of the time coming from? Looking up views by ID?
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It calls BrowserApp.onCreateOptionsMenu, which takes most of it's time in GeckoMenuInflater.inflate -> GeckoMenuInflater.parseMenu

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4 years ago
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Patch v1

This just removes these calls. I still want to make sure that we invalidate the menu at some point, so I moved that into onMenuOpened. I also moved the event handlers into BrowserApp since they're not used by any one else (Ideally we'd move all this code into the menu code, but that's a bigger refactor).
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Patch v1

I'd like you to test a few situations:
* Make sure a menu item correctly toggles (Bookmark and Request Desktop, for example)
* Test on Gingerbread, ICS and newer phones, since invalidateOptionsMenu is a 11+ API and menus worked differently before it.
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4 years ago
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Patch v2

Grr. Forgot to test on a device with a software menu button. Or... didn't realize that they were different. Pushed this to try:
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4 years ago
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GeckoApp.onCreatePanelMenu is no longer in the startup profile.
Let this bake a few more days, but we should consider moving this to Aurora. It's still early in the cycle.
This might have caused regression bug 972327. Please convince me otherwise.

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4 years ago
Nope. It almost certainly caused that.
Depends on: 972327
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