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Add support for 8.1 contact card information (e.g. integrated telephone, sms, video conferencing support)


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Windows 8.1
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Looks interesting - 

New experience enabled desktop browsers can use the ShowContactCardforWindow API to display the Windows contact card experience. For example, a browser that supports entity recognition for phone numbers in webpages can provide a more consistent user experience by displaying the Windows contact card rather than attempting a protocol launch (e.g. for tel://). The contact card presents the user with the most common communication actions based on the contact data, for instance offering call, video call, and SMS options for a phone number. This often has the effect of giving the user more control and choice than a simple protocol launch. In addition, the contact card experience is lightweight and contextual, allowing users to complete a communication action without shifting focus away from their current browsing experience. 

For more info, see IContactManagerInterop interface.

interface IContactManagerInterop : IUnknown
    // Default browser uses this method to launch contact card from its tab window, specified
    // by the appWindow parameter.
    HRESULT ShowContactCardForWindow(
        [in] HWND appWindow, 
        // Must be a Windows::ApplicationModel::Contacts::IContact object. 
        // Use IUnknown here because classic COM IDL cannot use WinRT types.
        [in] IUnknown *contact,
        [in] RECT const *selection,
        [in] FLYOUT_PLACEMENT preferredPlacement);
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Whiteboard: [feature] p=0
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