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loan request for graydon [Ubuntu 64]


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(Reporter: graydon, Assigned: armenzg)



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In the process of hunting bug 910092, I'm back in need of an EC2-based slave for testing the armv7a emulator under mozharness' unit test driver. This should be the same sort of machine as I had access to in bug 915177.
Assignee: nobody → graydon
fighting fires; can't handle this loan request right now
Assignee: graydon → nobody
Summary: AWS slave loan request for graydon → loan request for graydon [Ubuntu 64]
Depends on: 964473
Credentials sent via e-mail
Assignee: nobody → graydon
Hey graydon,

Just sanity checking our ec2 instances. This machine has been up and running for 135hrs. I might be wrong but I am not seeing too much recent activity on this instance.

As an option, we can always turn this off and on as you needed. Now that this machine is set up and you have access, that process would only take a minute each time. We are happy to do this at any stage.

However if you need to actively use this, that is absolutely no problem; we won't stand in your way! Simply mark this bug as resolved when you are finished with it forever and we will terminate it.
Can be turned off for now, yes.
for reference, this machine is off right now.

please comment here when you want us to start it again :)

(for fastest results, ping in #releng too)
FYI, this instance has no public IP, so if you try to use any of the newest scripts (e.g that connect to ftp-ssl, or hg-ssl) you'll likely fail, because they try to route over the public internet but cannot.

We are willing to recreate your instance from scratch if you wish, but will only do so at your request. Please reassign to "nobody@" and ask us to, if you wish.  (if said timing is fairly important you can also ping in #releng)
graydon, do you have any need for this machine anymore?
I can terminate it if not.
Assignee: graydon → armenzg
I think I'm done with it now, yeah. I'd ask gbrown if he's going to need it for further debugging test failures.
We can create another one once gbrown needs it.

Thanks for your help!
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