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white bar appearing on right hand side of about:start when scrolling


(Core :: Panning and Zooming, defect, P2)

Windows 8.1





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If you horizontally scroll through the about:start to the end of the screen and then press "F5" to refresh the page, you'll receive a black bar at the right hand side of the screen. I've reproduced this several times with the builds listed below.

- Attached a screenshot to illustrate the issue

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open Firefox Metro
2) Horizontally slide the about:start screen to the end of the screen (right)
3) Once you have reached the end of the about:start screen, press "F5" to refresh
4) You should notice that the about:start screen will return to the original position but leave a "black bar" at the right side of the screen

(you might have to try the above steps a few times, but should be able to reproduce pretty easily)

Current Behaviour:

- When a user scrolls horizontally to the end of the about:start screen and presses "F5" to refresh, a black bar will be left behind

Expected Behaviour:

- If a user presses "F5", it should "refresh" the about:screen and return to the original position without any graphical artifacts being left behind

Issue found using the following builds:
Whiteboard: [triage] [defect] p=0 → [release28] [defect] p=0
Component: Browser → Graphics
Product: Firefox for Metro → Core
This is WFM on a surface pro.
Kamil, curious what device are you testing on?
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Whiteboard: [release28] [defect] p=0 → [release28] [defect] p=5
I was using the Lenovo X1 Carbon when I ran into this problem. I can reproduce it pretty much every single time with the Lenovo machine using both Nightly/Aurora. I don't own a surface pro or a tablet so I can't really test it in tablet form.

I will go through this again when I get home tonight and see if it's happening with today's builds.

Worst case scenario, I can let someone remotely login into the machine. (it has VS2012 and everything needed for debugging)
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So I went through this again and reproduced the problem on both my home desktop and the Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop (using both Nightly & Aurora). The only way I could reproduce the issue on the desktop was when the "Recent History" container had two columns. Once I received the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the browser, I reproduced the problem every single time.

Jim, when you were attempting to reproduce this on the surface pro, did you have a horizontal scrolling bar at the bottom of the browser? Once you have a horizontal scroll bar, slide the screen to the left and then press "F5" to refresh the screen. (not sure how the "F5" part would work on a surface pro)

Maybe this only occurs when a physical keyboard is being used?
Assignee: nobody → tabraldes
Priority: -- → P1
QA Contact: jbecerra
Whiteboard: [release28] [defect] p=5 → [release28] [defect] p=5 s=it-30c-29a-28b.1
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla28
I wasn't able to reproduce this issue, but in the course of trying to repro I found bug 967671. I'll leave this bug for someone who can reproduce it.
Assignee: tabraldes → nobody
QA Contact: jbecerra
Whiteboard: [release28] [defect] p=5 s=it-30c-29a-28b.1 → [release28] [defect] p=5
Whiteboard: [release28] [defect] p=5 → [release28] p=5 r=ff28
Target Milestone: mozilla28 → ---
Depends on: 967671
Kamil, when you get a chance can you confirm this is fixed now that the parent bug is fixed?
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Jim, I reproduced the same issue within a few seconds but this time it's a white bar rather then the original black bar that was mentioned in comment #0. Reproduced it every single time using the following build:

Video of issue:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Open fxmetro
2) Visit using the original about:start tab
3) Create a new tab and then swipe the desktop from the left hand side and snap it (fxmetro should be in a 50/50 view at this point)
4) Slide the "snapped view" bar and make fxmetro full view (should be the entire screen at this point)
5) Scroll the about:start screen all the way to the end and press "F5", you'll notice the white bar appear every single time
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Oh well, I was hoping they were the same. Thanks for testing again.
Kamil just showed me this in person too. It does seem very similar to bug 967671 in that the scroll offset gets updated by layout after refreshing but the displayport doesn't get updated. Getting output similar to bug 967671 comment 4 would help in debugging this.
Component: Graphics → Panning and Zooming
Priority: P1 → P2
Whiteboard: [release28] p=5 r=ff28 → p=5 r=ff30
Blocks: metrobacklog
No longer blocks: metrov1backlog
Here's another way of reproducing the issue without using "F5":

Steps to reproduce the issue: (make sure you have a few entries under Top Sites and Recent History)

1) Open fxmetro
2) Using the mouse, scroll to right of the screen so you can see the entire "Recent History" category
3) Select any website from "Recent History" (make sure you're scrolled all the way to the end when doing this)
4) Once the website has loaded, hit the back overlay button to go back to the about:start screen
5) You should notice the white bar appearing at right hand side of the screen

Was using a mouse connected to the X1 Carbon to reproduce this without the "F5" method. I can reproduce this every single time using the following build:
Summary: black bar being left behind when refreshing about:start using "F5" → white bar appearing on right hand side of about:start when scrolling
Whiteboard: p=5 r=ff30 → p=5
Metro-specific bug so I'm closing it out. We can reopen it or file a new one if metro ever gets resurrected.
Closed: 10 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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