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UX Work - Investigate revamp of cut/copy/paste ux for content


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Windows 8.1
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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #901014 +++

Tested on 2013-08-02 on latest nightly. While testing bug 863676, I, again, noticed that the context menu doesn't come up when I long tap on a monocle that's been placed inside a text field. The problem could be seen either as not being able to place a plain caret (cursor) or not being able to summon the context menu when there is a monocle.

1. Open Firefox Metro
2. Go here
3. Tap on any of the text fields and select something with the monocles.
4. Long tap to bring up the context menu, and then tap on Copy
5. Tap elsewhere in the text field
- Notice you get a monocle, and not a plain caret cursor.
6. Long tap on the monocle

Expected: I should see a context menu that allows me to Paste

Actual: Nothing happens on long tap.

If I keep tapping here and there I eventually get a plan caret (without the monocle) and if I long-tap on it, I do get a context menu.

From earlier conversations I think tapping should always place a monocle, so long-tapping should bring up a context menu if I have selected something.
Based on a discussion with mmaslaney and depending on how much we end up deciding to do here, this work might need to be broken out as an independent story.
Summary: UX Work - Context menu not appearing on monocle → UX Work - Investigate revamp of cut/copy/paste ux for content
Mass close of bugs in obsolete product
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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