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Investigate supporting web app windows in metrofx


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Windows 8.1


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I think there might be a way to get html5 apps working using this new multi-window support in 8.1. I was looking at ie's behavior with this. What you can do is long press a tab on their tab bar and selection "open in new window". At which point you have two windows in a split screen configuration. You can also drag the split screen bar over such that one window is in the background and the other is in the foreground. You can repeat this to open additional windows. (There might be a max number of windows, I was able to open five when testing.) You can also focus individual windows from the app list.

If we have a running instance of the browser open we should be able to create new windows for individual apps (maybe in some sort of app specific xul window that has its own chrome). I think we could also find a way to pin these apps to the start screen with a custom url which the browser would recognize.
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