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FxAccounts.jsm: fetchAndUnwrapKeys cannot be rejected


(Firefox :: Firefox Accounts, defect)

Not set





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As :ttaubert points out in Bug 969892 Comment 14:

> If we can't reject fetchAndUnwrapKeys() we should probably 
> save a local reference to the deferred created on line 333
> and compare that to this.whenKeysReadyPromise before resolving. 
> It might be a key request for an old user that makes us resolve
> a newer promise here, no?
Blocks: 955951
No longer blocks: 941723
FWIW, I think the whenVerifiedPromise has the same issue, along with the implicit promises in the getCertificate and getKeyPair functions.  While the 2 explicit promises could be fixed by checking the promise, I think all 4 could be solved by checking the generationCount.  OTOH though, the patch in bug would fix all of them in a cleaner (IMO ;) way (it does away with the generationCount completely)
Hey Mark -- Jed thinks you're fixing this with another patch. Is that true, and if so is ETA earlier than March 17? Thanks!
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oops - I didn't put the bug number in comment 1 - but yes, bug 972070 solves this.
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oops - premature send - I hope to land that this week or early next week, depending on review lag
Fantastic, thanks Mark. I'm going to set this bug depending on that one, and when it lands I will close this out. If anyone would rather see this marked duplicate and 972070 as a blocker for 955951, feel free.
Depends on: 972070
Closing per comment #3. Tim, could you let us know if you have unaddressed concerns regarding the fetchAndUnwrapKeys()/getKeys() discussion in bug 969892 ? Thanks as always for your time.
Closed: 8 years ago
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No unaddressed concerns. Bug 972070 fixes this as Mark said.
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Product: Core → Firefox
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