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firefox icons resized to "small" under metro start are off-center


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Windows 8.1


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When you resize the Mozilla icons to "Small" under the "Metro Start" screen, they'll appear off center compared to the other browsers. This happens because we have text underneath our icons when they are sized as "Medium". When you reduce them to "Small", they look off compared to all the other "Small" icons that are being centered correctly.

I tested using Nightly, Aurora and BETA and reproduced on all three icons. We should probably stay consistent with other icons under the Metro start screen

- Attached a screenshot to illustrate the issue

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1) Install either Nightly, Aurora or BETA
2) Once the browser is installed, slide into the Metro environment (Metro Start)
3) Slide down the "Apps" list and tap and hold on the Firefox icon
4) Once selected, tap on "Pin to start"
5) Once pinned to the Metro Start screen, tap and hold on the Firefox icon
6) Select "Resize" and tap on "Small"

Current Behavior:

- When the icons are resized to "Small" under "Metro Start", they are off centered compared to the other icons that are sized "Small"

Expected Behavior:

- When someone resizes the Firefox icon's to "Small" under the "Metro Start" screen, they should appear centered
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