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Please schedule desktop jit-tests on all trunk trees and make them ride the trains


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It looks like all of the consistent oranges for the desktop jit-tests on Cedar are now fixed and we're down to intermittents.

It is difficult to tell whether or not we hit more intermittents on the test machines than we do on the build machines while running on Cedar, due to the low volume of pushes.

I think we should turn these on for desktop builds on trunk trees, hidden for now, and see how things look.

We might need to resolve Bug 969986 first.
And three other unfiled blockers, besides getting all Linux to run on try and include them in trychooser:

* decide whether to run them on all Mac and Windows platforms (probably not)
* some parallel permaorange on 10.6 opt and WinXP opt+debug
* the Linux slaves are so brutally slow that for linux64 asan and debug, this'll tie with the very slowest of browser-chrome runs for being the long pole for completing tests on a push
Depends on: 969988, 969991
Depends on: 973946
Depends on: 906525
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No longer depends on: 973946
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Depends on: 988522
Blocks: 988532
dminor:  Can you address philor's questions in comment #1?  Should I indeed enable them on all trunk trees and ride the trains for all platforms or are there some platforms where they should be excluded for now?
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I'm not sure if I'm the right person to decide this. I think the minimum would be to cover platforms that currently run them as part of make check (Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.8).

I have seen different results on Windows 7 and 8 than on WinXP on Cedar, but I'm not sure if we actually need that additional test coverage.

Ted, Terrence, any preferences here?
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Let's schedule them on all platforms for now. If we decide we don't need them we can always selectively disable them later.
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(although honestly I'd take philor's advice over mine)
Please do turn these on everywhere. I expect that this will expose real issues that are currently hidden because we are not already running them on all of our tier-1 platforms. We will fix anything that crops up.
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No longer depends on: 906525
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::: mozilla-tests/
@@ +1927,5 @@
> +                    if 'fedora' in slave_platform:
> +                        continue  # Don't use rev3 mini's with this stuff
> +                    BRANCHES[name]['platforms'][platform][slave_platform]['opt_unittest_suites'] += jittests[:]
> +                    BRANCHES[name]['platforms'][platform][slave_platform]['debug_unittest_suites'] += jittests[:]
> +     

A nit: can you remove the trailing spaces
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in production.
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