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Security Review: Firefox Telemetry Experiments (rev 1)


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Initial Questions:

Project/Feature Name: Firefox Telemetry Experiments (rev 1)
Tracking  ID:973990
This is the first form of variation testing that we're going to deploy to our Firefox audience by default that doesn't require explicit opt-in.
Additional Information:
Key Initiative: Firefox Desktop
Release Date: 2014-03-17
Project Status: development
Mozilla Data: Yes
Mozilla Related: Firefox desktop, Firefox Health Report, Telemetry
Separate Party: No

Security Review Questions:

Affects Products: Yes
Review Due Date: 2014-02-28
Review Invitees: gps, sstamm, dveditz
Extra Information:
The major known issue is whether we need to do certificate pinning for the experiment manifest serve. Additional review find.
Group: mozilla-corporation-confidential
Whiteboard: [triage needed]
we want to do a full team reivew of this, what is a good date for you all given available dates on
Assignee: nobody → curtisk
Flags: needinfo?(benjamin)
gregg/gps/gfritzsche does the 27th at 10am PT work?
Flags: needinfo?(gps)
Flags: needinfo?(glind)
Flags: needinfo?(georg.fritzsche)
Flags: needinfo?(benjamin)
I should be able to make that. I'm going to the DMV at 1400 PST that day, so please keep this early.
Flags: needinfo?(gps)
That would work for me.
Flags: needinfo?(georg.fritzsche)
Meeting set:

Please fill out this google doc ahead of the meeting to help things go smoothly? Will also allow us to setup the background for everyone:
Flags: needinfo?(benjamin)
I don't have access to edit that doc via my account nor my account.
Flags: needinfo?(benjamin) → needinfo?(curtisk)
fixed, sorry, I set the share to anyone at with can see it but forgot the second bit to allow you to edit
Flags: needinfo?(curtisk) → needinfo?(benjamin)
Flags: needinfo?(benjamin)
Whiteboard: [triage needed]
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Closed: 10 years ago
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