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Ensure that AWS Windows Server 2012 instances are running the Windows Default theme


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Some of our tests depend on the native widgets appearing a certain way.

Some tests are failing and/or timing out because the theme is set to a non-default theme. This custom theme is sizing some widgets inappropriately. For example, the up and down arrows on spinner control are being drawn with heights of 2 pixels each.

When I reverted the theme on my Server 2012 loaner to Windows Default, the widgets were drawn correctly and many tests then ran correctly.
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We are running rdp.exe with the following settings (see runtests.bat inside our mozilla-releng-tools S3 bucket):

C:\rdp.exe /v:localhost /u:cltbld /pe:xxxx /f /w:1280 /h:1024 /o:"allow font smoothing:i:1, allow desktop composition:i:1, disable full window drag:i:0, disable menu anims:i:0, disable themes:i    :0, disable cursor setting:i:0, bitmapcachepersistenable:i:1, disable wallpaper:i:0, audiomode:i:1, audiocapturemode:i:0, videoplaybackmode:i:1, connection type:i:6, networkautodetect:i:0, bandwidthautodetect:i:1"

I suspect we'll either have to tweak these settings further or find out how to force the default theme inside the RDP session.
The theme should be unrelated RDP; it is merely a per-user configuration setting that needs to be set for cltbld.

Right click on desktop -> Personalize, select "Windows" under the "Windows Default Themes".
No longer blocks: 886640
Manually changed cltbld's default theme to "Windows" on tst-w64-ec2-001, tst-w64-ec2-002.

I also merged the latest mozilla-central changes into Date to kick off some new builds which will appear here:

TODO: automate the theme setting on the AMI configuration.
Aaron: can you please confirm that the test results improved in TBPL with the default theme activated?
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It still lights up like a Christmas Tree on TBPL, but I can confirm that the quantity of failures has dropped significantly.
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[cloud-tools-windows] set the default Windows theme upon login
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