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[e10s] Painting stops happening on certain web pages


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I haven't figured out the circumstances, but several people have seen this problem. On certain web sites (possibly those with plugins or with lots of images), we stop painting except when you move the mouse outside of the content area. I've seen this happen on, but Tom can't reproduce it there. It only happen in e10s, so I don't think it's purely an OMTC problem. If you switch to a different tab, painting works fine.
OK, it's definitely plugin-related. It only happens on the page I mentioned when Flash is enabled.
This is the line that's causing the problem. If I comment it out, everything works fine. Matt, any advice about what to do?
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In case it's important, we're running Flash in windowless mode in e10s.
I think the problem might be that this code:
isn't doing anything because GetRemoteRenderer() is null. I tried setting it to the right CompositorChild, but that's not working for some reason.
Ah, this is my fault :(

The problem is that the receiving end of that message (CrossProcessCompositorChild::RecvForceComposite) does nothing. And it can't really do anything, since the PCompositor connection is a singleton per child process, and we don't know which LayerTree we're operating on.

The ForceComposite ipdl message should be moved to PLayerTransaction instead, since that always lets us map a ClientLayerManager to a CompositorParent (the root one, not CrossProcessCP). 'ShadowLayersUpdated' is an exmaple of this.
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This should no longer discriminate against e10s child processes, but I haven't actually tested it. It builds!
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Fix ForceComposite message for e10s

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Works great, thanks!
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Fix ForceComposite message for e10s

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::: gfx/layers/ipc/PLayerTransaction.ipdl
@@ +84,5 @@
>    // Drop any front buffers that might be retained on the compositor
>    // side.
>    async ClearCachedResources();
> +  

nit: trailing space
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