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normalize APZ velocity cap to screen resolution


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In bug 976035 we added a pref'able velocity limit to APZC.  This took the form of an absolute px/ms value.  This works, but is difficult to tune well for devices with different screen sizes and resolutions.  The b2g value currently works well for the buri, but is a bit slow for the nexus-4 or nexus-5.

We should convert the velocity preference to be expressed in screens/second or some other device neutral fashion.  We can then calculate the px/ms from that value.

The current limit of 6 px/ms works out to 12.5 screens/second on the buri.
You should be able to multiply APZCTreeManager::GetDPI() to convert to a screen-resolution-dependent unit. See AXIS_BREAKOUT_THRESHOLD and its use site in AsyncPanZoomController.cpp for an example.
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I think we should get this into 1.4 since the current velocity cap is tuned for small screens like the buri.  The 1.4 production devices like open c have larger screens.
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.4?
Assignee: bkelly → bugmail.mozilla
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Hamachi has a DPI of 160, so I just divided that out to maintain the same final value on Hamachi, and scale it accordingly on other devices.
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I think we want to update the pref name, but otherwise it looks good.  I'm not a peer, though, so can I officially review?

::: b2g/app/b2g.js
@@ +874,2 @@
>  // to avoid checkerboarding.  Note, float value must be set as a string.
> +pref("apz.max_velocity_pixels_per_ms", "0.0375");

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It was explained to me that only one of [reviewer,reviewee] has to be a peer.  So r=me with the updated pref name.

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Followup to fix the pref name (doh!):

I also cancelled the build jobs for the previous rev since it's more useful to just get them on this follow-up.
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