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loan ec2 linux32 and linxu64 slaves to jmaher


(Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard :: CIDuty, task)

Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: jmaher, Assigned: jmaher)



to resolve a few browser-chrome issues I will disable the required tests and I need to verify this on a loaner.
Assignee: nobody → jlund
Depends on: 981343
These are turned on now.

Email sent to for further instructions. 

Loaning slaves: 

Hi Joel, I am going to assign this to you to keep track of the loan(s). 

When you are finished with the loan(s) forever, please comment stating so and mark this bug as resolved.

By the way, now that this aws instance has been created, starting and stopping it can happen in a flash!
If you are not going to be using this machine for multiple hours, let us know in this bug and we can stop it. Comment again when you want it started back up.
*For really fast turnaround, ping #releng (look for nick with 'buildduty')
I am done with this bug, please take the loaners back, shut them down, or whatever is needed.
jlund are you passing this bug to Callek? or will you deal with it?
Thanks for the catch. I should have assigned this to Joel last night. Since I'm still attached to this bug, I'll terminate them now.
Assignee: jlund → jmaher
vpn access slave reopened

ec2 instances terminated

dns records destroyed
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Component: Loan Requests → Buildduty
Product: Release Engineering → Infrastructure & Operations
Product: Infrastructure & Operations → Infrastructure & Operations Graveyard
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