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[Tracking bug] Move entirely off of r3 mac minis for testing


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We need to retire the mac minis soon, so we'll need to move all tests that use them to VM's.  This currently only affects:

- mochitest-browser-chrome on debug linux/linux64
- reftests on B2G emulators

Work is underway to address both of these things, but all the work is being done in the context of mozilla-central; some extra work will be needed to apply this work to all downstream branches (aurora, beta, release, mozilla-b2g*, etc).

Our plan is to green up mbc by disabling the few remaining problematic tests (and filing bugs so they can be investigated out-of-band) on cedar, and then rolling the changes out to all trunks trees.  Simultaneously, we'll schedule the tests on VMs on downstream branches so we can see what the state is there.

We'll follow a similar pattern for B2G mochitests, but we'll spend a little more time up front investigating problems on elm (where this work is staged)...the webgl tests in particular seem problematic, and not desirable to disable en masse if we can help it.

In any case, we'll plan on having all the mac minis out of us within 45 days (to give us a buffer for unexpected problems).
s/B2G mochitests/B2G reftests/
Depends on: 981777
Depends on: 981778
Summary: [Tracking bug] Move entirely off of mac minis for testing → [Tracking bug] Move entirely off of r3 mac minis for testing
FYI: Bug 864866 was initially filed to track "all r3" but it is now focused on "mac r3" minis.
(from bug 864866)

== Status update ==
* B2g reftests on AWS
** only R5 is giving us trouble
** Jeff is to investigate it bug 981856

* Debug mochitest-browser-chrome
** Splitting into 3 chunks might be the way to go
** We're enabling the job on m-i tomorrow - bug 982225
** The work of fgomes might not be needed
Depends on: 982225
Depends on: 990016
Closed: 6 years ago
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