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Add configurable parameter to (stage/test!) tokenserver to allow client to set token expiry length


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Nick was looking for a way to test sending expired tokens to storage servers. It might be good to allow (by configuration) a backdoor to have the client able to specify in a request param "give me a token that expires in 3 seconds"
Requesting shorter durations sounds safe in general, perhaps we can have an optional "duration" parameter in the request, and we set the token duration to min(requested_duration, default_duration).
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Here's a quick take on this - you can add "duration=X" in the query string, and you'll get min(duration, server_default).

Frankly this seems safe and useful to enable even in production, but I can hide it behind a flag if you prefer.
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I wouldn't worry about hiding it. I'm not sure we should document it yet, though, in case we end up pulling it.
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Looks good to me.

::: tokenserver/tests/
@@ +187,5 @@
> +        # But you can't exceed the server's default value.
> +        res ='/1.0/aitc/1.0?duration=4000', headers=headers)
> +        self.assertEquals(res.json['duration'], 3600)
> +        # And nonsense values are ignored.
> +        res ='/1.0/aitc/1.0?duration=lolwut', headers=headers)

Wouldn't mind getting a 400 bad request back in these cases, but not too important.
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Let's keep this bug open while we try it out, and consider whether to make it an official part of the protocol.
I think what we have is good enough, we can leave it as a testing-only feature and not document it as part of the protocol.
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I am taking back this bug since I am interested by the feature for Syncto.

We want to be able to configure the surface attack of the credentials we get.
The syncto server will ask new credentials for each transaction that should take less than 5 minutes. We will cache this credentials so it is important for us to reduce the 1 hour duration.

Is it reasonable to use this parameter?
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> Is it reasonable to use this parameter?

Yes, if you need it, I think it's reasonable to use and to make it a more formal (and documented) part of the protocol.
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