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mStatus is not correct in HttpChannelChild::OnStartRequest


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I'm debugging a test failure on e10s. The problem is that there's some code [1] that checks the status of an HTTP request from an OnStartRequest handler. It looks like we're not setting this field correctly in HttpChannelChild. When I look at mStatus for the nsHttpChannel in the parent process, it's some non-zero error code. But when I look at mStatus in the child, it's NS_OK.

It looks like we set mStatus in HttpChannelChild::OnStopRequest [2], but not in OnStartRequest. Should we just pass the status in as an additional parameter over IPDL to OnStartRequest?

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Yup, we should be updating the status of the channel for OnStart (and OnData), unless the channel has been canceled (or mStatus otherwise modified) in the child.

Bill, take this for a spin and let me know if it fixes things for you.
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Looks logical to me. FTPChannel too? WebSocketChannel? Any others needed?


::: netwerk/protocol/http/HttpChannelChild.cpp
@@ +488,2 @@
>    : mChild(child)
> +  , mStatusCode(channelStatus) {}

Nit: Since you use mChannelStatus in the other two events, please use it here too.

@@ +519,5 @@
>    if (mDivertingToParent) {
>      MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(!mFlushedForDiversion,
>        "Should not be processing any more callbacks from parent!");
> +    SendDivertOnStopRequest(channelStatus);

We don't need to pass status back in SendDivertOnData, right?
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Yes, this works. Thanks! I probably should have mentioned the test: it's content/base/crashtests/851353-1.html and you have to run it with reftest-ipc.
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Jason, is this ready to land?
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Yes we need to do this for FTP too.  Not websockets though. If we can't do that ASAP then let's file a followup for FTP since we're blocking billm on this.

> We don't need to pass status back in SendDivertOnData, right?

Well, we were also passing it before this patch.  Looks like it's possible for a client in the child to Cancel the channel and then Divert it back to the parent? 

Steve, can you land this (do the rename s/mStatusCode/mChannelStatus if you like--that doesn't need re-review) and maybe knock off FTP while I'm gone next week?
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