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Loop desktop client should display proper error notifications to end user


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We could reuse the Backbone views & model from the Desktop client, ensuring we move shared bits to the shared folder.
Assignee: nobody → nperriault
Blocks: 974875
No longer blocks: 979880
Summary: Loop webapp should display proper error notifications to end user → Loop desktop client should display proper error notifications to end user
Priority: -- → P3
This patch make the conversation & panel scripts to reuses the shared notification system introduced in the Loop client through (not landed yet, pending review)
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Generally good, I'd just like to look at the L10n changes that I commented on in the PR before this lands.
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Updated changes look good. r=Standard8
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Please use meaningful string ids in the future.
Looks like this landed with tests. Does this need QA testing?
QA Contact:
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Hi Niko, does this need QE verification? If so, please advise.
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Notifications have been refactored a lot since this patch has initially landed, and is about to be redone again. While we probably want smoketests for notifications, I don't think this would be the appropriate bug anyway.
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Thanks Niko.
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