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Consider not sending down vendor-prefixed-CSS to Firefox OS


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Every byte counts.
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No longer blocks: 992365
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Do we know how much vendor-prefixing we're using (in general and for FxOS, specifically)?
A good amount. Flexbox, transitions, transforms, gradients, etc.
I did a quick and dirty test:
include.css is 123K, 26K after gzip

Removing *all* the prefixes (we'd want to be smarter and keep some even for Firefox OS, for 1.1, but this is just to give rough numbers):
include.css is 115K, 25K after gzip

IMHO, if we want to reduce include.css file size, is a better option to start with, as it'll provide bigger improvements without having to deal with generating multiple versions of our CSS for different browsers, which is generally a pain to maintain / do reliably.
Many folks these days use autoprefixer instead of writing their own mixins for vendor-prefixing properties:

It works on minified CSS too.
Was planning on using Stylus's nib, but seeing autoprefixer would work better. It's probably like one line to our build step too.
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Whiteboard: [marketplace-transition]
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