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Bug 768456 got us a quick search API. We [1] developed a GCLI command [2] and a tooltip [3] based on this.

There is a question of whether we should be thinking of dynamically fetching this stuff, or we should be including it in developer-tools. Things to think about:

* Vandalism. It's one thing getting obscenities from visiting a vandalized wiki, but having Firefox abuse you in a tooltip is different. If we're allowing downloaded content that we'll have to make it opt-in.

* L10N. The MDN CSS documentation is in EN, JP and FR, but other languages are extremely patchy. Many locales just accept that EN is that way to go here.

* Off-line usage, slow networks, etc. It's going to be really handy to have the content downloaded already.

* Download size. How much are we adding to Firefox with the content that we include?

* Vetting resource. We could have a process by which we vet content and have a "known-good" version, but this seems complex and takes significant on-going time.

I am of the opinion that the least bad of the available options is preference that says "I understand that help comes from a wiki, and could offend, give me popups".

[1]: Mostly Will Bamberg, but also me.
[2]: Details in bug 769572.
[3]: Will is there a link to this handy?
No longer blocks: 986824
Depends on: 986824
We already have MDN content in devtools.
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Product: Firefox → DevTools
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