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Package the Community Quilt, and define an MVP for a more connected version


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Something that has been used twice now and should really have been made more reusable sooner is the Community Quilt that was originally created for the SupportOpen/MillionMozillians making to pledge runs.

I've spent some time making this easier to redistribute + use, however if there isn't a bug it doesn't exist.

I know there is some interest in this project from engagement, and the prompt to package it from Michelle.

Current state = neater and simpler to reuse, need to finish off some tweaks for my sanity, write some halfway decent docs for how to use it, then all good imo.


* move the readme/landing page over to stop using remarkdown+ css, and use makerstrap
* quick pass through the css/js to tidy a little
* write docs on usage/intended deployment (using gh-pages for quilt, thimble for make pledges)
* quick definitions of what a "quilt" and "make pledge" are (flexible-ish terms)
Assignee: nobody → williamd
Summary: Package the Community Quilt → Package the Community Quilt, and define an MVP for a more connected version
Adding several people to this bug to note what overlaps exist with quilt plans:
(In reply to Dino from comment #1)
> Adding several people to this bug to note what overlaps exist with quilt
> plans:

I've updated the Etherpad with some structure and questions to help formalize the idea and get to some next steps.
Whiteboard: [allhands][supportopen]
Notes from the scrum session held:
Thanks, William, for posting these notes. 

I've been talking with Dino about the quilt because it came up as a possible way to address one goal of the Education & Culture Working Group[1] which is related to highlighting the work of our awesome local communities[2].

I love the idea of using Webmaker as the infrastructore for a more permanent and on-going quilt project. One of the things that worked well about the quilt from 2012 mozcamps[3] was the ability to see an agregate view of many communities for a region and then get more details for each commuity. I looked over all the examples linked to in the etherpad and didn't see an example of this. Is it possible with the tool you've made that integrates with WebMaker? 

Hi Christie - Here are some examples of quilts we have been working with:
- MozCamp LATAM:
- MozCamp Asia:
- MozCamp EU: [not accessible]

All: what are the next steps. 
- William, do you think Education & Culture Working Group goal is addressed? I would like to initiate a quilt for the Diversity Working Group. I'll reach out directly.
- Winnie, what do you need to move ahead with a quilt for Finance Team?
- Chris and Jennifer, thoughts on William's strategy?
hi Dino, 

For the MozCamp EU quilt was on same etherpad of the LATAM MozCamp. So I moved the history to another etherpad :
Not answering questions asked by dino right this second (hopping on a train) however wanted to share with you all the metrics gathering tool is now something useful:
Would a status update be helpful here before deciding the status of the bug?
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see bug 1347718
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