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Implement D3E KeyboardEvent.isComposing


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> true if the key event occurs as part of a composition session, i.e., after a compositionstart event and before the corresponding compositionend event.
> The un-initialized value of this attribute MUST be false.
We can implement this bug very simply.

widget shouldn't set the isComposing value at dispatching key events. Instead of that, EventStateManager::PreHandleEvent() can do it.
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Currently, dispatching key events during composition causes some assertions. Therefore, this patch adds |SimpleTest.expectAssertions(0, 16)|. Note that on Linux, the assertion doesn't occur. Therefore, it specifies 0-16.
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part.1 Implement KeyboardEvent.isComposing

I wouldn't add isComposing to the .idl, nor 

New stuff can go to .webidl only, unless there is some good reason
to add to .idl too.

So, remove the .idl stuff, r=me
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part.2 Add tests for KeyboardEvent.isComposing

I'd like to see at least some test for keypress too, at least to check that
it returns sane value, and not some random value for isComposing.
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Thanks, then, this doesn't need sr.
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Although, keypress event should never be fired during composition even if after bug 354358 is fixed. But it's okay to include the test for something wired case.
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And I hope VK_INSERT will never be handled by our editor...
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