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Implement D3E InputEvent interface with isComposing


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D3E defines InputEvent interface. We should need to implement it.

Currently, we cannot support .data without refactoring nsEditor. However, it's easy to implement isComposing attribute.

So, let's implement only isComposing, first.
D3E defines InputEvent interface for "input" and "beforeinput".

This patch implements InputEvent and exposes it to web contents.

The initial InputEvent implementation only supports .isComposing.

> true if the input event occurs as part of a composition session, i.e., after a compositionstart event and before the corresponding compositionend event.
> The un-initialized value of this attribute MUST be false.

Implementing the other attribute, .data, needs more work in editor. Therefore, I'd like to implement only .isComposing first.

The internal event class is InternalEditorInputEvent since we already have WidgetInputEvent. So, InternalInputEvent isn't available with some macros.

InputEvent doesn't support document.createEvent() but supports ctor.

I'll request review to ehsan for the editor part.
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Implement DOM InputEvent interface with isComposing attribute

+  }
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} else {
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Rewriting the patch without creating nsIDOMInputEvent.
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Implement DOM InputEvent interface with isComposing attribute


Could you review the editor part? "input" event has specific internal event, InternalEditorInputEvent, by this patch. Therefore, editor needs to dispatch input events with its instance. It needs to take isComposing which is true after compositionstart and compositionend. Therefore, the dispatcher needs to the state at constructing rather than at dispatching the event actually.
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Oopps. Fixed thanks.
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