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[Settings] refreshed selector button need some space


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How to reproduce:

1. open settings > sound

The Alert `change` button is very close to `Other sounds`(next section title)

(See attachment)

reproduce rate: 100%


Have proper space with next element.
Carol, could you help find right person to provide proper space? (or if it's already defined in spec)
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Hi Fred,
I wonder which version you're looking at. The screenshot I provided is what I have on my device which is running on 1.4 and I didn't see the same result.
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It's in 2014/4/9 master build
Hi Arthur,
Here's a issue in Settings >Sound >Tones
The Alert `change` button is very close to `Other sounds`(next section title), 
need to add 1.2 rem height space for it.(please see attachment)

The situation is when the device has no phone function, the third option(Audible touch tones) will be removed). Then the space between section is incorrect.

Can you help on this? or please let me know who i can ni, thanks!!!:)
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since it's only shown in non-phone case, maybe we can move this into flatfish developer program
Blocks: flatfish
Whiteboard: [TCP]
Blocks: flatfish-ux
No longer blocks: flatfish
Whiteboard: [TCP] → [TCP][flatfish]
Whiteboard: [TCP][flatfish] → [TCP=polish][flatfish]
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Do we still have this problem ? I noticed that we did update the layout here for sound panel few months ago.

Carol, I think this bug should be marked as invalid instead ?

(BTW, I am sorry to ping you at wrong bug just now xD)
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Summary: [BuildingBlocks] refreshed selector button need some space → [Settings] refreshed selector button need some space
Hey EJ,
yeah, I think we don's have the 'height problem' now. Thanks!
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Thanks Carol and all. Let's close this bug !
Closed: 5 years ago
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