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Please loan tst-linux64- instance to dminor


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(Reporter: dminor, Assigned: dminor)



We're looking to get b2g desktop tests running within taskcluster. 

Having access to an ec2 instance configured like the tst-linux64-spot instances would make it easier to duplicate the test environment within a taskcluster docker image (or get things working outside of docker, if we go that route.)
Working on this now...
Assignee: nobody → dminor
OK I hit some problems, notably that we got double PTR records - I need to fix this, wait for DNS to propogate, and then recreate instance.

[ ~]$ host domain name pointer domain name pointer
[ ~]$ 

Since it is getting rather late in Germany, I'll delete the DNS entries now, and run the recreation (with a fresh head) tomorrow morning, if that's ok.

Sorry for the delay!

OK, bad records deleted:

(aws_manager)[ aws_manager]$ invtool search -q "tst-linux64-ec2-120 (type=:A OR type=:PTR OR type=:CNAME)"
ldap username:
ldap password: 
8552   None IN  CNAME
1101 None IN  A
547               3600 IN  PTR
(aws_manager)[ aws_manager]$ invtool CNAME delete --pk 8552
ldap username:
ldap password: 
http_status: 204 (request fulfilled)
(aws_manager)[ aws_manager]$ invtool PTR delete --pk 547
ldap username:
ldap password: 
http_status: 204 (request fulfilled)
(aws_manager)[ aws_manager]$ invtool A delete --pk 1101
ldap username:
ldap password: 
http_status: 204 (request fulfilled)
(aws_manager)[ aws_manager]$ 

Will rerun cloud-tools/scripts/ tomorrow morning after dns propogation...
Hey Dan,

We had fires in buildduty all morning, with trees closed - so I had to give that my attention. Now that things have calmed down, I am back to this - hope to have the machine with you shortly.

Email sent to :dminor for further instructions. 

Loaning slave:

Hi Dan, I am going to assign this to you to keep track of the loan(s). 

When you are finished with the loan(s) forever, please comment stating so and mark this bug as resolved.

By the way, now that this aws instance has been created, starting and stopping it can happen in a flash!
If you are not going to be using this machine for multiple hours, let us know in this bug and we can stop it. Comment again when you want it started back up.

*For really fast turnaround, ping #releng (look for nick with 'buildduty')
Pete, thanks for getting this set up! Working fine.
dan, are you still using this?

0 tst-linux64-ec2-dminor (i-a4f1c0f4, us-east-1): Loaned to in bug 994283, up for 505 hours
Flags: needinfo?(dminor)
I'm only using it occasionally, would it be ok to shut it down but not terminate it?
Flags: needinfo?(dminor) has been stopped but not terminated.

Please ping us in #releng if you need it started again with short notice.

Thanks for letting us stop it for a while :)
Please turn this back on, I have some test machine specific behaviour to investigate. Thanks!
Instance started up again. Let us know if you hit any problems!

Thanks for your help! All done with this now.
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