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After finished in textbox with TouchPal Keyboard, page flickers


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After I finish typing into the text box using my TouchPal keyboard, the page flickers when I close the keyboard. The flicker remains constant until the actual tab is closed. Reloading the page does not fix the issue.  

Would this bug be a duplicate of Bug 832173? 

I've attached a video; using SUMO Contributors forums as a test case. 

Android 3.1, Firefox 28 latest. Unsure on the version of the TouchPal Keyboard.
The video will not upload to bmo so I'm uploading it to YouTube:
This doesn't look like the same bug as 832173 to me... What device is this on?
Lenovo Ideapad K1.
Does it happen with Nightly (
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(In reply to Jim Chen [:jchen :nchen] from comment #4)
> Does it happen with Nightly (

Will check! Needinfo'ing myself.
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Regular 32MB Android version of nightly installed.. this issue occured there as well.
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I should also add that the flashing occurs more in nightly. It seemed to flash randomly as well within first 5 minutes of use-not just with the text box. It seems only to affect the text box in 28, but seems more than that in nightly.
May be covered by bug 996062
Depends on: 996062
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According to comment 0 this is on Fx28 as well. I don't think it's related to the recent tiling changes.
No longer depends on: 996062
tracking-fennec: ? → +
I'm currently still experiencing this. At the same time, now with out having to type, a page with an automatic text box to be filled in, the page flickers as well. 

Eg. Pull up Sign in using persona, page flickers. Even after sign in tab closes, the regular page still flickers. The only way around this is to close the tab and re-open to get it not to flicker. 

This also popped up:
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We no longer support Android 3.1 so I'm going to close this bug. If you can still reproduce this on newer Android versions please reopen.
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