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Copy the legacy "promise.js" implementation from the Add-on SDK to devtools


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Firefox 31


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The Add-on SDK that will be released in Firefox 31 (the next ESR version) will replace its legacy Promise implementation with a new one that is compliant with the latest DOM Promises specification.

This new implementation will cause some issues with devtools automated testing, because of the difference in the exact order of callback invocations and events.

Most of the work for updating tests has already been done in dependencies of bug 881050, but the remaining cases are difficult enough that they're unlikely to be completed in the required timeframe.

Since devtools is the last remaining consumer of the legacy Promise implementation, it might make sense to copy the implementation to a private devtools module for now, to unblock the Add-on SDK from switching in bug 881047.

The long-term work that Patrick is doing to refactor existing browser-chrome tests for various components will definitely facilitate the final removal of this legacy implementation from devtools in the future.
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This was green on the tryserver:
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The patch

I guess there are several people who worked on Promises that are qualified to review this patch, anyone wanting to take this?

We need to land this for the ESR and this means only this week remains.
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The patch

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(In reply to :Paolo Amadini from comment #1)
> This was green on the tryserver:

Actually, the B2G errors are very much related to this patch. Pay attention to the M1 B2G desktop test:

07:12:28     INFO -  11741 INFO TEST-START | /tests/toolkit/devtools/apps/tests/test_webapps_actor.html
07:12:28     INFO -  System JS : ERROR (null):0 - uncaught exception: SpecialPowersException: "Error while executing chrome script 'http://mochi.test:8888/tests/toolkit/devtools/apps/tests/debugger-protocol-helper.js':
07:12:28     INFO -  TypeError: this.Components is undefined
07:12:28     INFO -  resource://gre/modules/devtools/deprecated-sync-thenables.js:1"

I'm quite confident that the "DebuggerServer is not defined" errors in gaia-integration tests are related, too.
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(In reply to Panos Astithas [:past] from comment #3)
> Actually, the B2G errors are very much related to this patch. Pay attention
> to the M1 B2G desktop test:

Ah, I may easily have overlooked the results, believing they matched the intermittent failure signature, or I spoke before all the results came in.

Just removing the unneeded line causing the error may improve things:
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Updated patch

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I'm glad it was that easy!
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