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[Email] Provide an account-related option to stop marking as read messages when the user reads them


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This is a feature I used on Android's K-9 mail application. I find it especially useful to read emails on my device that I want to read again later on my desktop.

We could have an additional button "mark as read" when we read one message (that button would be "mark as unread" if the new option is disabled). But this is optional to me. :)
Note that we used to have a mark read/unread button on the message reader card, but it was removed as part of bug 797635 to get us down from 5 buttons across the bottom toolbar to 4.  (We subsequently integrated the 'forward' button into the 'reply' button in the upper-right which got us down to 3, then we moved the reply button to the toolbar putting us back up at 4.)

Mark unread/read is still accessible from the message list as part of the batch-edit mode.
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Whiteboard: [feature]
The batch-edit mode is not useful in my setup because I want to choose the state of the mail when I'm reading it.

The main use case is: "oh I want to answer this mail, but I can't do this on this phone because it's not easy".
Right, sorry, I didn't mean to suggest that what we have now is viable for your use-case.  I know from experience with Thunderbird that people feel very strongly about controlling whether messages are marked as read when they display them.  Just wanted to provide context about the current state of marking read.  The best option we have is to flag/star the message for follow-up, but that assumes that's what you use the flag/star for (which is very likely to be wrong.  I personally use a tag/keyword, but the e-mail app does not surface these or any way to manipulate them at this time.)

If/when we implement this, we should probably also consider having a timeout for marking read, like Thunderbird.  Specifically, if people decide to use next/previous to advance through messages, it's possible they may skip over messages quickly with the intent of not having marked the message as read.  This is akin to the situation in Thunderbird where keyboard navigation is used and the preview pane is visible.  (Also using the full-page message reader and navigating the backing nsMsgDBView.)
Yep, I agree this is also something that makes me avoid the next/previous buttons.
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