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Create a new icon for attachments in the Messaging app.


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2.0 S2 (23may)
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We should consider using a different symbol for attachments in Messaging or make other changes to the UI to make it looks less like email. Many of our user test participants (particularly in the January session) mistook the messaging app for email based on the paper clip attachments icon and the layout of the "to:" fields.
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Hey Vicky,

AFAIK this is art of the visual refresh, but then we need the new icon.
Can you please have a look?

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Hi Julien, 
Icons are not my field in this particular project. Will redirect to Amy and / or Peter to give input here.
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Hi Stephany,

I'm not convinced that changing the attachment icon is the correct solution here.  I'm not sure what we would change the icon to.  Can you attach screenshots to show me what you mean?

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We need a designer to suggest alternatives to the attachment icon. During user testing, users saw the paperclip and were confused, and thought the messaging app was email *because* of the icon. If the recommendation is to *not* change the icon anyway, we can take that recommendation and resolve this invalid. But, I do have to file bugs that shake out during user study analysis (i.e. that there's enough of a problem that we create bugs based on the issues we saw).
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I'm currently got my hands full wit homescreen 2 work.  As this app is usually owned by Vicky from TEF, maybe she can take a look at this.

ni'ing Vicky (and Patryk as well).
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Not sure we should change it... currently most other messaging platform use a paper clip for attachments since its universal (WhatsApp, Line, Facebook Messenger, BBM, Google Hangouts / SMS). 

Maybe what is confusing the users is the app name... "messages"?
I feel with the (v.2.1) refresh this apps looks much more unique when compared to EMail. So I would re-evaluate the app then.
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Thanks, Patryk! Resolving as invalid based on your comments.
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Also since Messages and Email allows the use of email addresses in the TO field. It might be wise to architect a new app that combines SMS / MMS & Email. Currently the apps have a lot of duplication. For a more casual user it is less important which protocol their message gets send through but rather it should be quick and free or cheapest possible.

I still believe the metaphors are correct. But I believe we haven't evaluated completely how our target audience consumes messaging and email. Perhaps we can unify the 2?
I am very, very leery of combining SMS/MMS and Email. I think we'd have to do some research to ensure that people actually want the lightweight, super simple SMS/MMS to become more like Email. :-)
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