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Purge really old deleted pages


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Bug 994464 comment 22 suggests that purging really old deleted pages (and rebuilding the index) would greatly reduce our storage needs. Considering the wiki is going on a decade old, I think this is probably a good course of action to pursue—we probably won't ever need to recover extremely old deleted pages, and most of them are probably spam pages anyway.

To start the discussion on what exactly constitutes "old", I'll suggest purging anything older than 2 years. Others may feel we should be more conservative. (Anything older than 5 years?)

If one takes a copy first then if something beyond the cut-off point was suddenly discovered to be important it could be obtained, so I'd go for something fairly short (given that most people don't actually have the ability to delete pages).

One year should be more than plenty; six months would be workable.
That said, most of the thousands of spam pages I probably have deleted have been from the last 3-4 weeks, so they won't be affected by deleting the "really old" ones, but I have no clue hoe much old spam or other deletions we had.
That said, purging pages that had very short lifetime until they got deleted would probably be quite helpful and not touch many "valid" pages, I guess.
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