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[meta] memory size reductions for Firefox 5+


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(Keywords: memory-footprint, meta)

This is a follow-on bug from bug 598466 (and bug 615199, which blocked it), which covered various memory size reductions and problems in Firefox 4.  The following as-yet-unresolved bugs were carried over from that bug: bug 618031, bug 632012, bug 629601, bug 630447, bug 630738, bug 631045.

Note that this bug is intended to be about slimming down memory usage, eg. reducing the size of data structures.  It's not about leaks and quasi-leaks;  bug 640452 is tracking those.
Do we have a bug for better accounting in about:memory? My current session uses 960MB private bytes, but the various allocation pools only account for about 200MB. If we could get a larger coverage it would make it easier to pin down where we can get the most savings.
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> Do we have a bug for better accounting in about:memory?

Bug 633653.
I feel that it would be useful to have a bug along the lines of:

"Investigate why automated testing did not detect a 200-250% increase in per
tab memory usage between 3.6.12 and Fx 4b4 / fill any gaps in testing"

(ie: why all the regressions from bug 598466 managed to slip past and making sure it doesn't happen again)

Is there one already for this?
Depends on: 641663
Alias: mslim-fx5
Depends on: 629606
Depends on: ObjectShrink
Bug 643651 is a good (extreme) example of FF4's comparatively large memory use on image heavy pages (~1.5GB in this example, with peak memory > 2GB). Should it be added to this meta bug?
DB Cooper: yes!  I've added it to this bug's list of blockers.
Depends on: 643651
Now that we have even shorter release cycles than the originally planned 3 month ones, I've changed this to be about Firefox 5 and on.  If this bug gets too unwieldy I'll close it out and start a new one.
Alias: mslim-fx5 → mslim-fx5+
Summary: [meta] memory size reductions for Firefox 5 → [meta] memory size reductions for Firefox 5+
There are various bugs relating to very large memory consumption when loading large (e.g. 1-2MB) XML files: bug 106357, bug 291643 and bug 436150 (maybe others as well).
Depends on: 106357, 291643, 436150
Reece: thanks for the info.  I ended up marking bug 160357 and bug 436150 as duplicates of bug 291643, because the latter has a good analysis.
Depends on: 640923
No longer depends on: 640923
Depends on: 626932
Depends on: 638075
Depends on: 657140
Depends on: 640763
Depends on: 658386
Depends on: 658672
Depends on: 634156
Depends on: 633427
Depends on: 661068
No longer depends on: 291643
Depends on: 663616
Depends on: 664067
Depends on: 665404
This tracking bug has reached the end of its useful life.  All the still 
open blocking bugs have had their whiteboards marked with "MemShrink", and 
so will be tracked that way by the MemShrink project.
Closed: 11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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