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remove deprecated content-script globals `onMessage` and `on`


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deprecated for 3 years now (bug 653187), and throwing errors (thus not accepted on AMO) for a year and a half (bug 785826).
err, not so much "throwing" errors as "logging" them.
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I am interested on working on this bug as part of the Mozilla Ascend Project. I've cloned the add-on sdk repo from Github and found the deprecated "onMessage" and "on" script globals that need to be removed. I noticed that there is no mentor or QA contact for the bug and I was wondering who I should direct my correspondence to. Thanks.
Hi, Pareiamadi. Thanks for your interest!

Tomislav, feel like mentoring this one?
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hi Peri (and Mike), I can mentor for this one.

please check out the contributing guidelines:

in short, instead cloning the original repo from github, i suggest you:

1) open a github account
2) "fork" the addon-sdk repo to your own account and clone that one
3) create (and checkout) a branch with a name like "1001466-remove-deprecated-on"
4) make your changes, which in this case might be just removing the code
5) run the tests to ensure nothing broke
when done:

6) commit your changes with appropriate message like "bug 1001466 - description.."
7) push your changes, go to and click the "create Pull Request" button
9) copy/paste the PR link as an attachment here, and flag for review? from me

if you get stuck, or just wanna chat, feel free to ask, here or even better in IRC (if you are familiar with it), channel #jetpack on -- i'm in Europe, but usually stay around during US working hours..
Mentor: tomica+amo
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Assigning to Peri while she is working on this during the Ascend Project.  She should have a patch shortly.
Assignee: nobody → periahmadi
Attached file Pull request #1676
Here's my first patch. Test results came back with no diff so I can only assume it worked? Here's hoping.
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Pull request #1676

good work Peri!  r=me

sorry for all the trouble you had with setting up the dev environment. but now that you have it sorted out, maybe you want to try another simple bug, to "amortize" the costs? ;)

if you are up for it, i can try and find something just slightly more challenging..
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(oh btw, not going to land this right now, our tree is orange ATM)
Sure thing, sock it to me. :)
Commits pushed to master at
bug 1001466removed deprecated content first patch
Merge pull request #1676 from y-t-/1001466-remove-deprecated-on

bug 1001466 - removed deprecated onMessage, r=@zombie
awesome to hear that. i went through our [good first bugs], and found 3 to suggest to you:

bug 856968 this should be some simple hacking, in python this time
bug 868507 this is documentation work on MDN, updating some code samples
bug 1081520 is similarly about updating some code, but this tome in modules and tests

take a look, claim one that you feel like you can do, and i can mentor again if you want.
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