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[tarako] Redecorate "go online" page


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This page is going to be used for Tarako as well -- let's tweak it.
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Assignee: asantos → pwalmsley
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I fired up my FFOS phone to check out the offline page, and was greeted with a pretty good looking one! Is this the one you guys were talking about?

That said, I'm not clear on Tony's intention -- if this screen is *all* the user sees if they start the app when offline, or if this is shown briefly and then the UI is displayed (with a similar message as an overlay).
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This screen would be all the user sees (see my comments from yesterday in bug 1001096). We want to showcase some of the flagship apps that we have in the marketplace instead of just our logo to people who are offline. This is to address the concern raised by product management that people will not be enticed to use the marketplace if they don't see apps but just see this offline screen.
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Ah yes, forgot that we talked about adding popular apps. Mock-ups en route.
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Attached are 4 options to gussy-up the offline screen. Let me know what you think.
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Currently, there is no designation for "flagship" apps, and that sounds like an editorial decision that doesn't update often (if ever).

That said, we know we want to show only icons for apps that run on Tarako, so... we either need the set of apps to start with or some way to tag them during the creation of the package.
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The intention for this is as a static image that we will provide, not live icons. UX will deliver a PNG to display in the offline screen above the message and the button.

Scott, can you take a look at the options above and advise if these are the right apps to showcase, or if there are others that would be better?
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When do you need a final list? The list of Tarako apps is not clear cut (example: Facebook is denoted as incompatible in one test, and compatible in another). I'm pressing for clarity, but it may take a day or two?
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You may have seen the email thread on this matter, but I *think* we're safe to go with these four app icons:

Tower Jelly
Calculator (Gaia Team version)
Fishing Cat

They are verified to work well and offline.
We're not concerned about them working offline or not, but thanks.

Since Design is going to give us a PNG to use, we can wait for a bit if you need some app selections to settle down closer to 5/12 or so.
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Tweaked two of the screens that got the most feedback. Made the error a bit more obvious visually with faded out icons and a "no connection" icon, swapped out the app icons to be more Tarako specific.
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What happens when you click on the "Go Online" button?
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I assume it forces the device to check for an available/known data connection, but I could be totally wrong. Anyone else have the answer or more insight?
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Updated with a few more options.
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We've got a version for a 0.5 -- we will need a PNG for v1.
pwalm: This is the current offline screen. Are we okay with this, or do we want to improve before shipping v1?
I think we were going to go with this one, but we were waiting to see if all the apps in the background image were good to go.
Assignee: pwalmsley → charmston
Background for offline screen.

Text should be: "Sorry, you need to be connected to the internet to access Marketplace." And the button should read: "Go online"
Style nit: Internet is a proper noun and should be capitalized. Otherwise we're good to go! I'll work on this now.
I spoke with Tony about this and in my estimation we're good to go here. No need to get too hung up on the specificity of the app icons since the library of apps that work/don't work online or apps that get de-listed from MP will always be in flux. As such, we're not going to revisit this design every time one of the apps changes status.
I'm fine with however you want to treat "internet" but FWIW I personally don't capitalize it. I know it generally is treated as a proper noun but I think that's a widespread misnomer.
Assignee: charmston → dspasovski
Assignee: dspasovski → charmston
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Note that the copy is a little different (to make localization easy) but everything else matches.
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