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66.8% svg opacity regression on linux32 from bug 973532 on May 21 (fx32)


(Firefox :: New Tab Page, defect)

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(Keywords: perf, regression, Whiteboard: [talos_regression])

I mistyped this, it is bug 937532
Summary: 66.8% svg opacity regression on linux32 from bug 973535 on May 21 (fx32) → 66.8% svg opacity regression on linux32 from bug 973532 on May 21 (fx32)
Blocks: 973532
No longer blocks: 973535
Tim, any reason for you to believe that bug 973532 could have caused this?
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(In reply to Avi Halachmi (:avih) from comment #3)
> Tim, any reason for you to believe that bug 973532 could have caused this?

I have no clue why that should impact tsvg tests :/ I thought we didn't even hit this code path on talos runs other than TART.
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Hmmm. Maybe that's related to bug 881590. I just remembered that we had similar tsvg problems when we cancelled a load in the hidden window. Maybe it's the inactive docShells that behaves funny again.
very likely.  Anything we could push to try to validate that?
I tried starting to preload after the docShell has been set to inactive but that didn't work out.

No improvement unfortunately. I will try to push something that validates the assumption from comment #5.
for reference, this posted a 27.2% regression on the PGO builds of linux32.
Looking at this test for the past 90 days, I can say that:

- Ubuntu 32 affected sharply
- OS X 10.8 looks like affected (but not as sharp)
- Ubuntu 64 looks like affected very mildly.
- Windows OSs were not affected or affected only very(!) slightly.

Very notable here is the difference between ubuntu 32 and 64.

If I look at the past 90 days:
- Ubuntu 32/64 were very noisy during March. 32 at the same level as this regression.[[225,64,31],[225,64,24],[225,132,37],[225,132,25],[225,132,35],[225,132,33]]&sel=1393144411512,1400920411512&displayrange=90&datatype=running

The only thing which regressed svg-opacity recently is cache v2 (bug 913806). It was turned on finally on 2014-05-16. Could this somehow be related?
Just for laughs, can we somehow retrigger/repush with cache v2 disabled?

We need these prefs to disable the new cache:
browser.cache.use_new_backend_temp = false
browser.cache.use_new_backend = 0

(and to enable it, the first one should be true, for some reason it looks like browser.cache.use_new_backend isn't part of controlling the new cache. see bug 913806 comment 15 and 16).
I pushed multiple patches:
(cache v2 disabled, no perf gain)
(docShell.isActive=false removed, no perf gain)
(backout of c3b86a5d52b6 just to confirm, brings us back to old numbers indeed)

So what else could it be in that changeset?
this is a pretty old bug, the trend of this test is improvements, so this issue (expecially 66%) is not seen overall:,132,33%5D,%5B225,53,33%5D%5D&sel=1380646402558,1412182402558&displayrange=365&datatype=running
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