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(experiment) Blur effect for private tab thumbnails




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This idea was inspired by iOS7 and Rdio music app. The blur effect gives the content more personality and creates a dynamic context.

I think our private thumbnails could also benefit from this cool effect as well. 
Sometimes people would like to have some privacy and don't want people to peek into the thumbnails of their private tabs. It could be a site for engagement rings, or bank accounts, or adult stuff. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Applying blur effects can respect the users' privacy at the same time maintain the personality of the site.

There are some CSS filters for creating blur effect, but they seem only work well on WebKit. But I found something else which may work across platforms:

Next step:
* Prototyping 
* Implementation

Out of scope of this bug, but related: 
If the user would like to see the original thumbnail, "press down to peek" should do the job. Then the user can either release touch to switch to the tab, or move the touch point away from the thumbnail to cancel.
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Summary: Blur effect for private tab thumbnails → (experiment) Blur effect for private tab thumbnails
If blurring is so troublesome... perhaps we should think about never showing a preview when in private browsing? We could just persist the UI we have for Firefox Home in Private browsing. If the purpose is to be more private in private browsing, I think the tab preview could be something our users are willing to give up.

just a thought
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